Google Cardboard Manufacturer

Mart Technology is by far the biggest Google Cardboard Manufacturer in Turkey. It was established in 2009 in Ankara. Since 2016 we have been active in the field of Virtual Reality. With our constantly growing staff and production capacity and exporting to 8 countries we are proud to be one of the biggest Cardboard Virtual Reality glasses producers in Turkey.

Our main aim as Mart Technology is to pave the way for the advancement of this new technology. We look forward to promoting it in the public, bringin it to masses, and making it affordable to everybody. This way, we are trying to make our contribution towards the development and the advancement of this VR technology. We believe that it will play a major role in many areas including healthcare, tourism, education, nanotechnology. In accordance with this goal, we are eager to share with all new entrepreneurs and manufacturer all of our knowledge, experience, technical support and products such as 34mm lens.

Doing our best to provide high-quality service, being responsible for the results. We value such qualities in our team members and people we work with as taking responsibility for ones action and work. Thus, it is of our first prioroties to provide our customers with the best quality of service and product possible and always strive to continuously improve our work.
We believe that doing business in a clear and transparent way is the key to better help others. We will conduct business in an honest way, sharing as much of the truth as we can without sacrificing our other values.
We value reputation and integrity as the most important principles and treat customers and employees in an ethical way. Honesty and trust being central to integrity we always try to live up to these principles and expect it from others. When faced with a tough decision we are guided by what is right and ethical.
We believe in always staying true to ourselves. Free expression and respect is an inherent part of our team values. We deeply respect and strongly encourage free expression about our differences in opinion and diversity of backgrounds in an environment that nurtures and supports us all.